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75% Off Yearly Membership

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$1 Trial for Brazzers Membership

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Above are all of the available discounts, coupon codes, and free trials for the site We know that all of the codes above are the only ones available because we talk with Brazzers daily to ensure that this is all that are available.

Brazzers Best Actresses

These are the top actresses that are on Brazzers. This doesn’t mean this is the only actresses that are on there, these are just the top 20 from some guy on YouTube.

Why People Like the Website

Brazzers is one of the top porn websites that people subscribe to. Just to clear it up too, when you subscribe to Brazzers it’s not just one general site. You get access to over 30 sites that are part of the Brazzers network. There are a lot of reasons that people like Brazzers. You can read more about the reasons below.

1) The Size of the Network

As mentioned above, you have access to over 30 different niche type sites on their network. They have sites specific for amateurs, for Milfs, for college students, for latinas, etc…Pretty much everything that you can think of. On these 30 sites, there are over 6,000 scenes on the network. When compared to other porn websites, this is above average. Most sites have a couple thousands where as Brazzers has triple the amount!

2) Quality of the Videos

videos are extremely high-quality. They’re available in high definition. As well as other formats. One thing to note though, is that they’re older videos are not going to be I definition. Some of these videos they have upgraded to HD, but a lot of them that they have not. They simply just have so many videos and are constantly producing so much content that they simply can’t get around to converting all of them. What they will do zero convert some of the more popular videos and you will be able to see scenes that weren’t originally filmed in HD in almost high-definition.

3) You Can Download the Videos

another feature that we really liked about the website is that you’re able to download any of the videos that you want. This is awesome because you could go in store all the videos I hard drive and then have a whole library. What a lot of people like to do is get a membership download as much as possible and then have their own library. They will then cancel their membership and still have all the videos just as if they’re on the website. Now, you’re knocking to be will to download all of them because there are so many videos.

4) Most bang for your buck

This network seems to be the most bang for his bar. You really get what you pay for and they’re not screwing you over.