How to Activate the Discounts and Deals on Brazzers

You can definitely be a little bit confusing in terms of how you actually obtain the discount. I say that it’s confusing because their are no actual coupon codes. Traditionally when you want to get money off of something you will just have a code that you can enter into the website and then You will get it at that price.

Well for whatever reason, Brazzers Network doesn’t operate this way.

How it Works

Rather than using a coupon code, you will need to use a certain link that will bring you to the discount. Only accessible through this link is how you can get that particular discount.

There are only a couple of discounts available and they are all located on our homepage.

If you’re too lazy to go check it out for yourself all just tell you which ones are which. There’s a 75% off of a yearly membership. There is also a 40% off of a one month membership. Additionally, you can get a one dollar trial that lasts 2 days.

There are no other discounts available. These are the only ones.

What do We Recommend?

We recommend using the 75% off of the yearly membership if you are someone who how’s the money and you see yourself using it for a year. Or you could be a returning customer who knows you’re going to subscribe for the next 12 months so you might as well save us money by getting that yearly membership.

On the other hand if you’re someone who is contemplating jumping in for the first time we’re strongly recommend a 40% off of the one month membership. We would say go for the trial, but the trial is really limiting. It’s not going to allow you access to the full website. You’re only going to get a trial version of the website.

Whereas if you subscribe for a one month membership you’re going to get access to the full network. This means every single video that they have ever made you’re going to have access to. With the trial you’re only going to have access to handful of videos.